FIlmmaker Magazine!!!

Followig is a link to Filmmaker magazine. I have been honored as one of the 25 new faces of independent cinema:

It is sort of a shock to find myself smack dab in the middle of the independent film world when my roots are from deep within the Studio system. When I left Los Angeles nearly 4 years ago, I really wanted to spend more time working on risky character driven films. The only problem was that my experience was in visual effects, which one doesn't often find in the indie world. Obviously, the money that independent filmmakers have to spend on visual effects is usually laughable, but I've found that there are always ways to make things work without spending tons of money.

All this being said, the one thing that the profile fails to mention, that I would like to air here is that my goal is to be directing these films, and to that end, I have become a screenwriter. My writing partner Doug and I have recently finished our first script. It's a dark romantic comedy about the first few months of marriage between a 30 something chef and his vampire wife. If you happen to be a studio head - I'll gladly send you the script.

Thanks for reading.