It's three in the morning, and I'm sweating like...

Well, let's just say its warm. Why am I awake? You may be wondering. I have no clue. Couldn't sleep. I'm not overly stressed or wound up, just couldn't seem to get comfortable.

So I thought I'd take the time and update the blog. I've been doing some fun stuff lately:

I've been scouting with the crew of an upcoming ABC television pilot in order to recreate New Year's eve in Times Square, so I got to shoot some pretty cool photos in a place that I would never normally have access to.

Also, got to shoot yet another Verizon Wireless commercial this time in a muddy New York city construction site while it rained. That part wasn't really exciting, but I can check that one off the list of things I've never had any intention or desire to do. "Es la Compania." The DP was Fred Elmes whom I got to know quite well working on Synecdoche, NY, so it was like a little reunion for me.

The film Sleep Dealer that I worked on for the last 3 years has been hitting the festival circuit:

After taking the Sloan prize at Sundance in January...

It won the prize at The Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival. Go here if you speak French:

It was at the Nantucket Film Festival last month:

It's off to the Jerusalem Film Festival this weekend:, so if you happen to be in Jerusalem, be sure to check it out.

I'm going to try to go back to sleep now.