EUROPA REPORT - first reviews

Check out this review for the upcoming indie film Europa Report which I was lucky enough to be a part of...

Here's an excerpt:

Taken a step further, Cordero and his visual team deserve huge credit for pushing "faux doco" storytelling a little further. If all you know of this filmmaking technique is that it's generally herky-jerky and ugly and potentially nauseating, be prepared to change your perception of "found footage." Put simply: Europa Report is gorgeous to look at. The basic character scenes are crisp and clean and yes, a tad Kubrick-ish, but once Cordero points his cameras towards outer space or (even better) around the destination moon, the movie is quite simply beautiful.


Kudos to John Bair and the team at Phosphene as well as the gangs Method, Perception, LookFX, Brandon Taylor and Nat Jencks for all the great work!