Been too long

As those of you who may be following this blog will note, I'm not very good at posting.

I have found it much easier to use Tumblr for little baby Dylan, than to update my own blog. I'm not sure if that's because its for her or that its just less intimidating to put up a picture and sentence. In either case, I think I need to simplify this blog so that I actually use it regularly and keep up maintenance on Dylan's like I have been. The biggest problem is where to post different information. There's Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and now Tumblr. It's really gotten out of control. I've got it set up so that my Tumblr posts for Dylan show up in facebook and on twitter. Facebook also picks up my tweets and my blog postings, but sometimes it takes a while. Also, just to make things more confusing for the three people who actually follow any of this, my wife's blog CookiePieBklyn posts to Dylan's Tumblr which in turn goes out to my twitter and facebook.

I think I may try It seems that they're setting up a really easy to use, clean hosting system that will be able to integrate to all the other places as well.

More on this as it evolves.

For those of you who are following my professional doings, I recorded audio commentary for the Sleep Dealer DVD this afternoon. It was my first time doing that while watching the movie. It was actually pretty cool.

The DVD hits the shelves on September 15th, the same day Beth's book: You Made That: Dessert! comes out. Should be a good day!

That's all for now.