A little bit of sleep

I find myself wrapping out of the latest project (Synecdoche, NY) and with a little spare time on my hands. Which is good - It's suddenly springtime in NY and I'm off. WOW! That feels good. I still have a few things to do, like pack out of my office and some final paperwork, but the stressful part of my job is finished. Now I need to figure out what's next.

I spent the morning at the Supreme Court building - It's true I was summoned for Jury Duty. I think I got lucky scheduling my Jury Duty during Passover in NY. After about 4 hours of sitting around waiting to be called, we were all summarily dismissed for the next 8 years! Part of me is sad, but the other part is so relieved. Last year, Beth was selected for a murder trial and she served for two full weeks before they declared a mistrial. I really want to do my part as long as it doesn't take more than a few days - is that wrong?

All in it's been a pretty great day. I hope keep the blog active until things get busy again, and maybe even after that. I've been exploring some pretty interesting projects, including a script that I've co-written and hope to be releasing into the world in the next month. There well no doubt be much to write about that process.

Also, I've been looking to step up the financial caliber of my projects a bit. Working on NY independent films has been great, but I'd like to do something with some more financial resources so that I can don things the way I know they should be done and not feel like I'm constantly cutting corners to save a buck. More on this soon.

Until next time -