It's been too long... I'm busy - Geeez!

Rio de Janeiro

I know it's been a really long time since I've posted anything, but I've been really busy. I'l put some things up now, and hopefully catch up a little more over the next few days/weeks.

Im in Rio de Janeiro with a moment of down time.

I'm shooting a Pepsi commercial. It's been crazy! We started in NY on August 11th. From NY, we travelled to London on the 14th to shoot in Regents park and to shoot a street for a second spot. We went to the White Cliffs of dover on the 16th and shot there.
Dover Cliffs

Then we packed up the camera and travelled to Marrakech, Morocco. To shoot a crowd of 1000 peeps in the dry desert sun.

Marrakech Market

I'll have some more pictures up soon. As soon as I have time to go through them.