The Sleep Dealer - Day One (of 43)


It finally happened. We had our first day of shooting.

Tijuana Beach and Border Wall
Outside, on the beach.


Tijuana Beach and Border Wall

It was a pretty good day. We shot nearly everythin that we needed to. Now we've only got 43 more to go. Yikes! And only 3 visual effects shots so far... whew!

For those of you who don't really understand what it is that I do, let me splain:

My job, as visual effects supervisor, is to creatively oversee the visual effects of the project. In the case of The Sleep Dealer that means that I start with the script and, with the director and producer, decide how to create the visual effects in each particular scene.

The visual effects in this film range from replacing skies in order to look more dramatic to creating flying unmanned fighter drones destroying a dam and flood a resevoir.
As a supervisor, my job is to guide the process from pre-production through the shoot all the way to final delivery. Sometimes I do the work myself, but most often I will hire companies or individual artists to complete each shot.

I'll get into it a little more as this thing goes on, if anyone is still interested or awake. So let me know.

Until then enjoy the photos.